About us

About us

Capital Services Corporation Ltd is an independently owned company which focuses its attention on delivering exceptional services to both our clients and our employees. We listen to our employees and our clients to understand their specific needs. We then work very hard to meet those needs.

Capital Healthcare Agency recruits, trains and retains competent and experienced staff. We pride ourselves in providing high-calibre, reliable and experienced staff to social and health care service providers in North London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Kent.

As an organisation we are always looking for opportunities to be of assistance to our service users. Capital Healthcare Agency staff are passionate about the work they do; in addition to that, they are motivated to do their jobs well.

Service Promise

We set very high standards for ourselves, so that every time our clients get the very best that our organisation can offer.
Our service users and staff are at the core of our business. We collect and analyse feedback from our service users in order to deliver a progressive and sympathetic package which is sensitive to the needs of vulnerable children and adults.

Capital Healthcare Agency Ltd is innovative and quality driven. Our staff engage in continuous professional development training and the management is constantly exploring ways we can deliver the best solutions for our clients.

We maintain a high degree of integrity and only promise what is practical. We maintain open communication lines with our staff and service users.