Staffing Solutions, Guaranteed

Our proven track record in hiring the best candidates for nursing jobs has helped us establish a good rapport with companies. Why are we the best choice? Because, we deliver on our promises to provide quality candidates for the job. We do not dive head first into something without taking stock of the situation. Our ability to provide candidates for care jobs and care work jobs will ensure you are never in want of the best talent. When we receiving a staffing request, we at CapsCorp, do the following:

  • Take the time to understand the client's staffing needs as well as each job description thoroughly before beginning the recruitment process for healthcare jobs in London, jobs in Surrey and jobs in Bedfordshire.
  • Categorize staffing requirement on the basis of contractual, permanent, or contract-to-hire
  • Take into consideration the budget for each and every resource

Ensuring the Right Fit

If you find yourself neck-deep in resumes from candidates who do not match job profiles available, leave it to us to find you the right fit. We will go all out to find the perfect candidates for nursing and healthcare assistant positions.This will leave you to focus on your core business. We have access to the best talent pool across London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey and Berkshire positions.
We are in the business of creating the best possible employment matches for the clients that enlist our help.



Our Selection Model

Before we initiate the recruitment process for candidates, we thoroughly study your requirements, while also conducting comprehensive research on the healthcare industry. We create interest to attract the best candidates. Our tried-and-tested solutions ensure there is very little room for error. Our candidate search will be customised to cater to your requirements. Only those candidates are shortlisted who have prior experience in the field. At CapsCorp, we use client-specific and consultative strategies to choose candidates that are right for the job. We have in place a streamlined sourcing and delivery process that saves you money while ensuring the best talent for the job!